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Rules and regulations

The purpose of the league is to provide basketball instruction for children in Elementary and Middle school grades. The ultimate objective is to develop basic skills, sportsmanship, and fair play. Additionally, this program is meant to work as a feeder system for the High School level. Instruction is in the form of practices and games. It is important that all coaches familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of the game to ensure quality instruction at all times.

The LJBA Board
The LJBA Board is composed of a President, Treasurer, Program Director, and various coordinators for Divisions and Duties.

The league President is nominated annually and voted on by the board. The president is responsible for overseeing disciplinary concerns, enforcement of league rules, draft process, player assignment, coaches’ conduct, and general league operations. The President is also responsible for the scheduling of all gym times with the schools and serves as the contact person for all schools being used. 

The League Treasurer is nominated annually and voted on by the board. The Treasurer is responsible for collection and disbursement of League funds. The Treasurer is also responsible for providing the Park Commissioners with an annual report at the conclusion of winter and summer league programs.

Program Director
The Program Director is nominated annually and voted on by the board. The Program Director is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Winter program. This is to include the scheduling of all Board and coaches meetings, registration, tryouts, and draft.  The Program Director shall assume all duties in the absence of the President.

Other Board Positions
Schedule Coordinator Travel Teams Coordinator
5\6 Grade Division Coordinator 7\8 Division Coordinator
Elementary Division Coordinator Officials Coordinator
Post Season Coordinator Public Relations Coordinator
Database Coordinator Sponsor Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator Open Member Positions

All Coordinators shall be nominated annually and voted on by the board. All duties shall be described in the attached Duties Description List.

Coaches are appointed by the LJBAA Board. Coaches must remember that they are in a leadership position. Conduct must be an example to the youth in the program.

No coach should argue with a referee or scorer. Coaches will be ejected from a game upon receiving two (2) technical fouls. Any concerns over score, number of player fouls, player identification, individual playing time, or rule interpretation should be dealt with in a mature manner.

Coaches are required to maintain high standards of conduct. Lack of attendance, foul language, improper safety practices, violations of league rules, or other unsuitable conduct are grounds for dismissal. A coach may be dismissed during the year upon a hearing of the Board. A two-thirds vote is necessary for dismissal. A dismissed coach may appeal to the Park Commissioners in writing up to five (5) days after being notified of the Boards decision.

Team composition and the number of teams are based on registration and gym availability. The LJBA presently consists of the following leagues:
• 1st & 2nd Grade Girls
• 1st & 2nd Grade Boys
• 3rd & 4th Grade Girls
• 3rd & 4th Grade Boys
• 5\6 Girls
• 5\6 Boys
• 7\8\9 Girls
• 7\8\9 Boys

In the LJBA, Qualified players of lower grade designation may be allowed to compete at a higher level. No player will be allowed to move down to a lower grade division. All decisions regarding player movement are the responsibility of the LJBA

The roster size of each team must be the same, personnel permitting. No coach can arbitrarily decide to carry more or less players than decided by the Board. All roster changes must be decided by the Board.

Players wishing to participate after the draft has been completed can be assigned, space permitting, by the Board.

After tryouts, a player draft will be held. There is no carry-over of team rosters from the previous season; all teams redraft to fill their rosters.

There are no restrictions on the number of players a team may have of one grade level.

All special intents, such as possible brother\sister options must be declared prior to the beginning of the draft.

Any child trying out and not making a team will have his\her registration fee refunded.

Parents can request that their child be placed in a higher league, but coaches have the right not to draft that player. Coaches will make every possible effort to draft age-appropriate players before any exceptions.

Team Draft Order
The order of draft will be determined by lottery, with the following stipulation. Coaches not having a child in the league will draft before those coaches with children in the league. For example: Coaches A and B do not have children playing in the league, while coaches C, D, and E do. Coaches A and B will draft first and second, with their exact positions determined by lottery. Coaches C, D, and E will draft third, forth, and fifth, with their positions determined by a separate lottery. This rule balances the Coaches Child Rule.

Draft Selection Sequence
Draft positions will be reversed for each subsequent round. For example, the team selecting in the first in the first round will select last in the next round. The following table shows the draft for the first four rounds of a six-team league.

Round 1 1 2 3 4 5 6
Round 2 6 5 4 3 2 1
Round 3 1 2 3 4 5 6
Round 4 6 5 4 3 2 1

Coach's Child Rule
A coach’s child is automatically placed on the coach’s team. The child will be rated by the division coaches in the specific league and placed accordingly in their draft position. The child will become that coach’s selection in that round. If the coach has a second child in the same league, the same rating will occur for this child.

Brother\Sister Rule
Family members should be kept together unless specified differently by the parents. When two children from a family are in the same league, the Siblings will be placed in their respective draft positions prior to the start of the draft as agreed by all coaches. The coach choosing the first sibling must then take the other sibling in the agreed upon round.

Assistant Coach Rule
There is no automatic draft position for assistant coach’s child. Assistant coach intentions must be announced prior to the draft. The draft positioning of the assistant coach’s child is subject to discussion and approval of all coaches in the specific league prior to the start of the draft.

A practice schedule will be distributed when the team compositions have been finalized. The LJBA Board must be notified, and approval must be granted, before any group travels out of town for games or practices. League responsibility will not cover unauthorized play. This includes Travel Teams.

Most LJBA leagues use a Saturday schedule. Most Travel league games use a Sunday schedule. The purpose of the games is the implementation of what was learned through practice, in order to further develop player skills. Each game will consist of (2) Fourteen minute halves

Starting Times
Games are scheduled to start at prescribed times. Any team without enough players will forfeit the game.

Time Outs
For all leagues, a team is allowed three time outs per game. For overtime games, a team is given one time out per period.

An injury to a player is an official time out. The time out will be charged to the team if the player remains in the game. If the team has no time outs left, the player must be replaced.

Foul Information
A player is disqualified upon committing his\her fifth personal foul.
A player is also assessed a personal foul when he\she receives a technical foul.
Teams shot ‘one plus one’ on the opposing teams 7th foul.

Overtime Games
There will be a three minute overtime period, with each team receiving one time out. All federation rules are the same, except those set forth herein.

Required Playing Time
It must be remembered that the primary purpose of the LJBA is instructional. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that each player plays a minimum of ELEVEN minutes per game. Any player not having played the minimum requirement by seven minutes of second half must enter the game at the start the fourth quarter and remain in the game until their time requirement is met.

To avoid abuse of this guideline, any coach not playing any player the prescribed amount of time will be subject to dismissal upon review by the LJBA board. Any player not receiving adequate playing time will be compensated in the next game. The only exceptions to not playing an individual the prescribed time are: injury, sickness, discipline, fouling out, or late arrival. Disciplinary issues must be reported to the Division Coordinator prior to the weekend game.

Any coach who does not abide by this rule will receive the following:
1st Offense: Forfeit of game if game was won by team
2nd Offense: Forfeit and coach will be reviewed by LJBA Board
3rd Offense: Forfeit and Dismissal of coach

Coaches are not to pull their team off the floor to forfeit for reasons other than safety. A one game suspension to the coach will result. Running up the score is not sufficient reason for forfeiting. All formal protests should be made in writing and submitted to the League President prior to the following weekend.

Full court Press Rules

5 and 6 Girls Division
Three quarter court press allowed last 3 minutes of the half. Must line up behind foul line

Remainder of League

Once a team attains a 10-point lead, they are not allowed to full court press and must allow the other team to advance the ball into the frontcourt. The leading team must remain inside the three-point area until the ball crosses half court. It is the trailing teams’ responsibility to inform the officials of this situation.

• 3 Point Line
The 3-point line will be recognized in the 7th and 8th grade divisions only.

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