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Coaches code of conduct

To players, coaches are living heroes. To parents and fans, coaches represent the best in sports and a role model for their children. A coach's conduct is always under scrutiny. Their actions affect players, parents and fans. To this end, LJBA requires this standard of conduct from all of its coaches.

1. A coach will always keep the health and welfare of players foremost and remove from a game any injured player whose injury is in doubt concerning his return to the game.
2. A coach will not leave a gym following a game or practice unless ALL players have been picked up or accounted for by a parent or guardian.
3. A coach will always strive to set the example for his players on and off the court.
4. A coach will not berate a player in front of teammates, parents and fans.
5. A coach will always use positive reinforcement to encourage players to succeed.
6. A coach will not berate or criticize game officials and will accept their decisions as fair.
7. A coach will not run up the score on a weaker opponent.
8. A coach will not incite fans or spectators into actions unbecoming to the game of Basketball.
9. All Travel coaches will encourage scholastics on and off the court and observe the no pass - no play rule.
10. All coaches will adhere to the required playing time as described in the Rules and Guidelines of LJBA.
11. All coaches will follow all Rules and Regulations as described by LJBA.
12. All coaches will require players to remove any containers from their respective benches following games or practices.

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